Terms and conditions

These specific brews are made in batches to assure quality. They can only be experienced in limited quantities..... The creations are being brewed as we speak. The current concoctions won't ship out until after June. 14th The cultivation of the ingredients needed for desired results, Such as mountain rose. Which can only be taken at first breath after the full moon...The brew also needs to sit for about 20 days to achieve the best olfactive experience. Please take this into account when you place your order. Updates will be posted via Instagram, and by email. For those who manage to obtain such creation before it is once again sold out. Please also consider the shipping period that it will take from our Maison to the preferred destination. Not all owls are as speedy as anticipated.
If there are any questions please do not hesitate to email us.
Worry not for all things worth having take time to make.